Frequently Asked Questions

Is SUP easy to learn?  Yes! Standup paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the United States for a reason, it is easy and family friendly. SUP is great for all ages, shapes and sizes from the weekend warrior to the elite fitness athlete looking to cross train.

How long does it take to learn?  We will have you off the land and paddling in a very short time, usually 15-20 minutes! Our expert staff will gear our lesson towards your ability level to make sure you get the most from your time on the water.

What do I wear/bring?   Clothing – No wetsuit needed. Wear non cotton clothing. Shorts and Shirt are ideal. Rashguards are perfect. Lycra (like bike our work out clothes) is the way to go!  We spend a short time on land and then we are in the water for the rest of your trip. It is possible you will get wet.  Footwear is not required, Most paddlers will paddle barefoot to feel the board under their feet.  In cooler seasons some paddlers may choose a bootie or Vibram type of shoe too. You may choose to bring some if you would like. Sunscreen is recommended. Bring a change of clothes and a towel and you’re set!

Do I have to wear a PFD?  The US Coast Guard has classified standup paddle boards as “vessels.” With this comes the requirement to have a USCG certified lifejacket on board. We will provide you a lifejacket, or you can bring your own TYPE III USCG certified jacket if you choose. We require all children under 14 to wear the jacket at all times. Adults must have it readily accessible on their board; however you may wear it depending on your prior water experience.

Is SUP Safe?  Absolutely, SUP is a generally a very safe and family friendly lifestyle. With proper knowledge of the water and your abilities you can paddle year round and have a great time.