Karla Wade

Karla Wade, not your normal water person.  She was not big on the water or the ocean.  She loves to paddle the smooth serene waters of inland waterways and lakes.  She has been known to paddle in the ocean but on a limited basis.  Give her a smooth harbor like Morro Bay or a lake like Lexington reservoir and she is all smiles.

Karla has a great fitness and yoga background and from the first day paddling loved the workout and the ability to be one with the elements instead of in the confines of a gym.  She has raced, paddled with her dogs and even spent a few hours paddling with me.  We have many trips on our list of places to see from a paddleboard.  We encourage you to make a list of your own!

Karla is available to teach paddlers and to train with paddlers who would like to work with her.  Email here @ sup2usc@gmail.com